About the guide

Restaurant collections and lists

The collection contains more than 2000 restaurants drawn from the Michelin Guides, 50 Best Restaurant lists, James Beard awards and other reliable guides and awards from around the globe that offer distinction in selection.

All restaurant collections in the Fine Dining Experiences Guide are updated after the announcement of new guide and award rankings with a one week time frame.

The Editor's Choice

Alongside the above collections are the Editor's Choices; a tightly curated album of fresh, often new, off-the-radar restaurants nominated by our team of industry experts.

A powerful search engine

The smart interface of the Guide allows fine dining guests to search and connect directly with preferred restaurants, find availabilities on given days and to book open tables or special offers – all with a swipe.

Recommendations by high-level insiders

A network of carefully selected elite industry experts, including professional food bloggers, restaurant critics, chefs, bartenders and restaurateurs, gives users of the FDE Guide personal, direct and fast access to a city or region’s hidden culinary secrets.

About the Editor

Fine Dining Experiences is a Berlin-based tech start-up with unparalleled access to the international dining scene. Published online only, the Guide offers consistently up to date compendium to the most exceptional dining experiences around the world.